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Watch Game Jam Feedback 2020-01-05 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Oh man that was hilarious! I hope it gave someone else as good of a laugh. Whoever said that the "crash" is a feature, not a bug is actually right! Those non-interactable blocks are supposed to kill you when they fall on you. That's why the screen got a bit red at one point, cause you took damage. As for the crash, the dying was implemented last second so the code is pretty much "on collision kill player", even when you jump on top of them. There's no death screen, so the game just quits. Anyways, I really appreciate what you do for developers! I'll definitely check out your future streams. One feedback I'll take for the future is the mouse thing, didn't have enough time to put a sensitivity slider in the menu, but inverting the vertical axis is apprently more important than I thought!

A big thank you to everyone that tried the game out and gave it a chance, and thank you to Andreas for being an awesome teammate!


Glad you enjoyed the feedback, and thanks for explaining the blocks! I was thoroughly confused but still entertained.

On the inverting y-axis, I'm definitely in the minority there, to the point it's a running joke on my stream. But seriously, I can't figure out which way is up when it isn't inverted. :P

Would love to see you drop in on the stream sometime. Thanks!


Haha thank you for this it made my day! Thanks for checking out our "game". I see it more and more like a little experience than actual gameplay because there´s really none. Because we were only two persons making this in a week the time was simply not on our side! Like the credits for instance i added it to a already complete UI-scene which i never saved in Illustrator so i had to be creative with it putting it below "quit" because i didnt had time editing in PS. I agree with you on all points lol! I also agree about the order you suggested which is Start, Options in the top and Quit in the absolute bottom. 

Man i laughed hard when you exposed typos, i was myself hoping that nobody would expose "byt" and you did it on stream. English is not our first language. When you didnt figure out to put stones in the cart it hurt my brain and it was a big relief when you finally did. I was hoping for a comment on the second track i made for the second ruin but im glad you noticed and commented the first one. 

Best comment: "Is this historically accurate??" 

Ill be sure to check out your stream. 

Shout out to leida who did an awesome job programming and putting colliders on all my shit, especially the spiral stairs. Shout out to the host of this GameJam, he is a 14 year old kid interested in history and programming. Faith in humanity restored.

No problem! Nothing wrong with crafting and "interactive experience" - lots of people love those. :)

Great to hear about the jam organizer. The concept definitely caught my eye, and I'll be interested to see what future ones produce.

Also looking forward to your future work, and it'll be great to see you on the stream. Thanks!