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I can see the vision behind it and although it is your first game, some aspects were still a bit disappointing for me personally. One thing I'll say is that the art is really nice and the premise is simple enough to be fun. But unfortunately, there were some things that still needed to be balanced out like the stun mechanic (which once you're stunned you cant do anything) and the collisions (the player, the anvil, the enemies, etc.) are still very inconsistent and hard to figure out. But hey I liked the overall aesthetic of it and I hope you guys will be able to improve with your next game.

Thank you so much! We had a nice vision for the game but unfortunately we weren't able to realize it in time (largely due to my poor programming). I do want to update it, but I am a bit busy so I'm not sure if I'll get to it in time. The update would remove the stun mechanic which was never meant to be in the game, I added it for testing purposes. What exactly did you mean by the collisions btw? What is inconsistent about them? Are they not the expected size, not colliding with things that you expect to...?

Well  with the anvil for example, sometimes it would properly block an enemy and sometimes they would go into it. Also it was hard to figure out at which distance an enemy could hit you and you could hit them so that a strategy could be developed to overcome that obstacle. But hey don't worry too much about it, this game has shown you guys are capable of being great game creators and with programming, that's something everyone struggles with (take it from a sophomore computer science student believe me i'm still terrible at it) but it's something you can improve over time by practicing to think logically about how each line affects what you'll see on screen. It's more or less being able to fix the smallest bugs by dividing the work in smaller tasks because usually, that's what causes the biggest issues. But anyways, congrats on your work and merry christmas!